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  • Things Worth Making from Scratch

    FOR ME, EATING WELL IS WORTH THE EFFORT. EATING WELL MEANS CHOOSING the freshest ingredients and preparing those ingredients in a way that makes them shine. It takes some effort to make things yourself, but the reward is well worth it—not only for the flavor but also because making things from scratch changes your relationship with food.


    Fresh pasta is one of the most delicious indulgences. It is so simple and yet so delicious that I am always surprised people do not make it more often. The students in my cooking classes are invariably amazed by how easy and fun it is to make fresh pasta.

    Once you make your own pasta and taste the difference, you’ll dream about it and make it every chance you get. Even my friends’ kids ask to make fresh pasta every time they come over. Making fresh pasta is a fun activity—a way for a family to cook and enjoy time together. It helps people come together around food, and the results are so delicious that the experience becomes unforgettable.

    The most common shapes of fresh pasta in Puglia—orecchiette and cavatelli—do not require pasta machines, just a little bit of time and love for good food. They are also fun for both kids and adults and, because they are somewhat unusual, making them always feels like a learning experience.

    You’ll find my recipe for making cavatelli here.

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