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  • Very few cuisines can boast that among their dishes, vegetables shine more than meat. Indian is one of the few that can. It’s the reason why I grew up leaning toward vegetarianism and was able to transition to a vegan lifestyle with very little struggle. Along this journey, I never had to substitute highly processed foods or ingredients for wholesome, real vegetables and legumes.

    This section is very special to me, because it’s a reflection of how vegetarians and vegans who eat Indian food regularly can maintain a very balanced and fulfilling diet. These recipes not only satisfy folks who love meat—they leave them wanting more.

    Indian cuisine is celebrated for its gravy-based dishes, which are also known as curries. But what many newcomers to Indian cuisine don’t realize is that stir-fried vegetables are always present on the table as well—and in fact, they’re easier to whip up than meat curries.

    I’ve included my family’s favorite dishes in this section. Most can be made for dinner one night and then sandwiched between bread the next day for a quick lunch. Experiment with any of these dishes by substituting your own favorite vegetables.

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