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  • Turmeric powder (haldi, Curcuma longa): If there is one wonder spice, I’d say it’s haldi. I drink it in the morning in my Mom’s Morning Cleanse, gargle with it to relieve coughs, and make a paste out of it to heal minor cuts. A rhizome, turmeric grows underground and looks like orange-yellowish ginger. It is washed, peeled, dried, and ground into the bright yellow-orange powder you likely know. Although fresh turmeric is not easily found in the United States, I have seen it quite regularly in Indian grocery stores and even in some mainstream grocers in Chicago. Peel it and grate it over salads, use it in a Green Juice Smoothie, or slice it thin and pickle it with vinegar or mustard oil, fresh chiles, and salt. I love prepping it the latter way in a small glass jar to eat with my meals.

    Indian woman in traditional costume

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