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  • Credits and Copyright

    We'd like to thank everyone who attended the dinners. We owe a special thanks to each of the people listed below who helped make these two evenings so enjoyable.

    Our Hosts

    Ronnie Rodriguez
    Cristina Cote

    The Team from CBS Local

    Craig Cacciola
    Megan McKenna
    Erin Sullivan
    Arielle Sachar
    Francesca DePalma
    Elizabeth Mozian

    The Team at The Gander

    Chef Jesse Schenker
    Christina Lee
    Brooke Filosa
    Allison Pryce
    Rick Pitcher

    We'd also like to thank Meredith Sidman at Baltz PR for her support in getting the word out and Kendra Newton and Megan Swartz at Harper Collins for providing us with materials for Jesse's new book.

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