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The Puglian Cookbook

Discover the simple, healthful, and delicious cooking of southern Italy's Puglia region–basic, easy-to-prepare recipes that burst with flavor.

The cuisine of Puglia is famous for being among the best in Italy. Puglian food is deeply rooted in the traditions of this southern Italian region, its geography, and its history as the breadbasket of Italy and the largest producer of olive oil.

In this cookbook, beautifully illustrated with recipe and preparation photos as well as images from Puglia itself, first-time author Viktorija Todorovska (a Chicagoan who studied cooking at the famed Florentine culinary school Apicius) has created a memorable introduction to this unsung cuisine. Puglian cooking's two great benefits are of huge interest today: it's very simple and incredibly healthful, as it's based largely on olive oil and fresh vegetables.

These simple delicious recipes should appeal to anyone wanting to cook wonderful meals without a lot of fuss.


Format: Online   |  Publisher: Surrey Books  |  Recipes: 75+

I have gathered a set of representative recipes from the region that showcases the principles on which the cuisine is based: simplicity, integrity of ingredients, and flavors.
— Viktorija Todorovska



VIKTORIJA TODOROVSKA runs Oliva Cooking, a cooking, wine, and travel company based in Chicago. She studied cooking at Apicius in Florence and is an accredited Sommelier (International Sommelier Guide), French Wine Scholar (French Wine Academy), and Certified Specialist of Wine (Society of Wine Educators). She teaches wine to professionals and nonprofessionals, and is the author of several book on Mediterranean regional cooking.


Praise for The Puglian Cookbook

What you find tucked in these pages is simple, delicious and straight from the heart of Puglian kitchens, where cooks make the peasant feel like royalty.
— Chicago Tribune


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