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Alta Editions is an award-winning publisher of beautiful online cookbooks. 

Market Fresh Mixology

Market Fresh Mixology shows you how to integrate fresh ingredients from your farmers market, pantry, or garden into great seasonal cocktails. It's a simple, clean, and contemporary approach to making great cocktails with recipes that are as easy to follow as they are delicious.


"The adamantly seasonal recipes which start with the ingredients of spring and don't stop until the end of winter, include irresistible ideas such as blueberry-lavender mojitos, watermelon margaritas, cinnamon-fig sidecars, and savory avocado cocktails. Think of it as the antidote to any and every weather emergency–no matter if it's a scorcher or a snow-in–there's a cocktail in this book to get you through it."

Time Out Chicago

Format: Online   |  Publisher: Surrey Books|  Recipes: 76   |  

Like fine wines, a memorable cocktail needs layers of flavor. My only rule is that cocktails must be balanced with freshness. This book will show you each step in making these simple, fresh, and modern cocktails, as you learn to enhance the classics.
— Bridget Albert


About The Author

Bridget Albert is master mixologist at Southern Wine and Spirits of Illinois, Kentucky, and Minnesota, and director of the Academy of Spirits and Fine Service, a program for bartenders that covers the history of all spirits and pre-Prohibitions cocktails. She has appeared on Food Network's Iron Chef America among other TV and radio programs.

Co-Author Mary Barranco (not pictured) is a trained educator with a career spanning 20 years in the beverage industry. 


Praise for Market Fresh Mixology

It’s a simple, clean, and contemporary approach to making great cocktails with mix recipes that are as easy to follow as they are delicious
— Time Out Chicago

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