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Alta Editions is an award-winning publisher of beautiful online cookbooks. 


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New Individual Purchase Option for Unconventional

Chris McBride

This is a quick update to let you know that we now support individual purchase of Unconventional on For $3.99 you can purchase the book and make it available on your Alta Editions Bookshelf for use anytime. Of course, you can still access Unconventional and our other Cooking Series titles by subscription for just $1.99 per month. Learn more about both options on the Unconventional book page.

It's Time to Get Unconventional

Chris McBride

Today marks the official release of Unconventional, our latest and most exciting online cookbook. According to convention, this is not how one publishes a cookbook. Follow the conventional wisdom and you will publish your stories and recipes in a printed book and it will be sold in online and traditional retail stores by and to people you don't know and likely never will. From the beginning we've never had an interest in publishing that way. 

At Alta Editions we believe two things: 1) there are a heck of a lot of people out there who love good food, good stories and beautiful photography, and 2) web and mobile beat print for accessibility and convenience by a long shot. That's why we turned to Kickstarter to tell our story and help fund the completion of Unconventional. It's been super fun, we met our funding goal and we received tons of valuable feedback in the process.

The support we received on Kickstarter not only made it possible for us to publish the book, but it also re-energized us and strengthened our resolve to continue working to show that cookbooks find their greatest potential when they're easy to access and share. For that we're incredibly grateful.  

So please dive in and explore Francisco Migoya, Jesse Schenker and Jehangir Mehta's inspiring stories and delicious recipes and share the book with anyone you know who loves to cook.

Unconventional Links

Thank you to all of our amazing Kickstarter supporters!

Chris McBride

Last September we turned to Kickstarter to appeal for help. We'd recently become an independent company and the funds to complete our latest and greatest online cookbook, Unconventional, had dried up. Thirty days later "Alta Editions: An Unconventional Cookbook" was funded by 221 generous backers to the tune of $19,085 and we were well on our way to completing the book. Today, Unconventional, with its the inspiring stories and delicious recipes from Francisco Migoya, Jesse Schenker and Jehangir Mehta, is available on Alta Editions. It's with heartfelt gratitude that we say thank you to each and every person listed below. 

Aaron B
Adam Kennedy
Adrienne Iam
Adrienne Ossko
Ainsley Daschofsky
AJ Willmer
Albert Ly
Alexandru Vasile
Andrew Henne
Andrew Kolbe
Andrew Wedge
Andy Bray
Anita Pearlman
Anita Waxman
Anna Farrell
Anneliese Doyle Klainbaum
Annika Witt
Antony Brydon
Barbara Freitag
Becky B
Ben Yablonski
Benoit Stockmans
Bill Soule
Bill Soule
Branka Tokic
Bria Knowles
Brian Witkowski
Bryan Early
Carolina Deschapelles Bernstein
Catherine King
Charles J Allard
Chris Lintott
Chris Schamschula
Chris Thorson
Christine Tan
Christopher Kramer
Claire Kelly
Craig Dalton
Cristina Gonzalez
Daniel Hernandez
David Burger
David Haradon
Deanna Stanley
Dietmar Pohland
Don Amendolia
Don Klein
Donovan Brown
Doug Church
Doug Simpson
Eat Your Books
Elaine Blank
Erik Saltwell
Eugene Tan
Flemming Madsen
Florian Baptist Gypser
Francisco Migoya
Gautier Lobry
Gert-Jan van der Ham
Gisselle Velez
Hannele Kormano
Heather Whittaker
Hernan Ronnie Rodriguez
Hilary Jones
Hot Bread Kitchen
Howard Pulchin
Howard Rosenberg
Howard S Glazer
Hoyt Heaton
Iain McPherson
Ian Cody Harrison
Ian Pringle
Ignacio Berberana
Isaac Peachin
Jaime Levit McDonald
James Lewis
Jane Bergere
Jane Bergere
Jane Po
Jason Bittner
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Jason Twomey
Jean Mischler
Jed Meade
Jeff Welch
Jennifer McBride
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Jenny Collins
Jerry Farmer
Ji-Sup Yang
Jill Usdan
Jim Jessee
Joe and Carmen Marquez
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Joseph Flaherty
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Josie Simmons
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Karen and Travis
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Katrina Mustakas
Katy Sparks
Ken Rock
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Yancey Strickler
Zach Korte

Unconventional Photo Shoot

Chris McBride

This past week the Alta Editions team went back into the studio to work on capturing images for our upcoming cookbook, Unconventional. As with our previous books we've assembled an amazing team to help bring this book from concept to reality and the photography was no exception. 

Evan Sung is one of the most talented and in demand food photographers working today. His photographs are regularly featured in the The New York Times dining section and his recent projects include beautifully illustrated cookbooks by chefs Paul Liebrandt and Michael White. Together with his food and prop stylists and assistants, Evan took hundreds of gorgeous photographs. Unconventional chef authors Jehangir Mehta and Jesse Schenker joined us on set and Francisco Migoya was in contact from his home in Seattle while Evan and his team worked through our shot list of finished dishes and instructional shots. 

We'll be releasing Unconventional in preview to Alta Editions subscribers and our Kickstarter backers next month and will officially release the book in early 2015. In the mean time here are some "behind the scenes" photos from the shoot. Stay tuned for more updates here soon! 


Alta Editions | E.S.P. Dinners at The Gander with Jesse Schenker

Chris McBride

On September 23rd and 24th Alta Editions teamed up with CBS Local's Eat. See. Play. team to present two very special dinners at chef Jesse Schenker's acclaimed New York City restaurant, The Gander. The dinners were hosted by friend of Alta Ronnie Rodriguez and featured four delicious courses with paired wines from Spain, Italy and France.

To commemorate the evening we've produced a special e-book featuring recipes for each of the dishes prepared by chef Schenker. The recipes - Fluke Crudo with Pickled Cucumber, Trout Roe and Béarnaise; Cauliflower Ravioli with Bisque, Guanciale, Mushrooms and Bottarga; Poached Sea Trout with Heirloom Tomato Butter, Chorizo and Crispy Basil; and Banana Parfait - are adventurous, but well worth the effort to try at home. If you're looking for fun ideas for your next dinner party, look no further. 

Following the recipes is a short excerpt from Jesse's new book, All or Nothing: One Chef's Appetite for the Extreme, recently released by Dey Street Books. It chronicles his rocky yet inspiring journey from living on the streets to becoming one of New York City's fastest rising culinary stars. 

To view the free e-book visit the Alta Editions Bookshelf