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Alta Editions is an award-winning publisher of beautiful online cookbooks. 


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It's Time to Get Unconventional

Chris McBride

Today marks the official release of Unconventional, our latest and most exciting online cookbook. According to convention, this is not how one publishes a cookbook. Follow the conventional wisdom and you will publish your stories and recipes in a printed book and it will be sold in online and traditional retail stores by and to people you don't know and likely never will. From the beginning we've never had an interest in publishing that way. 

At Alta Editions we believe two things: 1) there are a heck of a lot of people out there who love good food, good stories and beautiful photography, and 2) web and mobile beat print for accessibility and convenience by a long shot. That's why we turned to Kickstarter to tell our story and help fund the completion of Unconventional. It's been super fun, we met our funding goal and we received tons of valuable feedback in the process.

The support we received on Kickstarter not only made it possible for us to publish the book, but it also re-energized us and strengthened our resolve to continue working to show that cookbooks find their greatest potential when they're easy to access and share. For that we're incredibly grateful.  

So please dive in and explore Francisco Migoya, Jesse Schenker and Jehangir Mehta's inspiring stories and delicious recipes and share the book with anyone you know who loves to cook.

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