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Alta Editions is an award-winning publisher of beautiful online cookbooks. 


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Introducing the Alta Editions Cooking Series

Chris McBride

I believe a cookbook is successful if it inspires someone to cook; if it advances our understanding of food or our skill in the kitchen.
— Michael Ruhlman

Today we are releasing The Journey, the first edition in the new Alta Editions Cooking Series. It explores food-related journeys taken by four remarkable women chefs: Katy Sparks, Maneet Chauhan, Alex Raij and Rita Sodi. It includes 20 delicious recipes accompanied by beautiful photographs and inspiring personal stories.

Our main goal in creating this series was simple: to present delicious recipes in a convenient way so that home cooks can easily prepare and enjoy meals with friends and family. We’re thrilled to debut recipes from talented professional chefs like Katy, Maneet, Alex, and Rita; and can think of no better way to begin our series. It's their personal journeys with food and cooking that we hope inspire you to learn about and try new recipes and discover new flavors. 

With The Journey we are introducing a new kind of cookbook that's designed to be accessible, easily sharable, and most of all, enjoyable to read and use in the kitchen. We chose to apply the basic structure and style of a cookbook (a unifying theme, introduction, personal stories, high quality recipes with headnotes) to the web in a way that combines many of the best elements of print cookbooks, mobile cooking apps, and food blogs and hope you find that it makes cooking easier, more enjoyable and more social.

Because it's online, The Journey will go along with you anywhere as long as you have access to a computer, tablet or mobile device with a modern web browser. Beautiful photographs are shown for each dish and step-by-step inline images and galleries illustrate key parts of the cooking process. Helpful shopping and cooking tips from the chefs, short technique videos and links to buy equipment and ingredients provide you with additional support before and during the cooking process. If you think a particular recipe will be enjoyed by others it can be easily shared via email, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. 

We also chose to open up access to books in the Cooking Series so that anyone can preview up to three recipes per edition without having to sign up or pay. If you enjoy the recipes and stories in The Journey, or any other edition, signing up for unlimited access only takes a moment and costs just $1.99 a month. We will be releasing new editions every other month and will publish exclusive preview recipes for members between editions.

Later this month we will preview The Journey Part Two, which will continue the journey theme with stories and recipes from four more talented women chefs: Carmen González, Sara Jenkins, Sarah Simmons and Rachel Graville. We hope you'll join us and become a part of our journey and that you'll find inspiration, sharpen your skills in the kitchen and enjoy cooking Katy, Maneet, Alex and Rita's recipes for and with your family and friends. 

Chris McBride
Publisher, Alta Editions