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Alta Editions is an award-winning publisher of beautiful online cookbooks. 


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Introducing Alta Editions

Chris McBride

Laurent Gras: My Provence e-book cover
Laurent Gras: My Provence e-book cover

In 19th century publishing, the term alta edition was used to indicate the first edition of a book. With the launch of our new digital-only publishing group, Alta Editions, and the release of Laurent Gras: My Provence, we are excited to introduce a new kind of first edition, one designed to take advantage of important new developments in technology and, more importantly, to help people learn how to be better cooks.

While the idea of creating a digital cookbook is far from new, the Laurent Gras: My Provence e-book breaks new ground by bringing together not only the best of print cookbooks (complete with inspiring stories, quality recipes, beautiful photographs, and helpful professional tips) and digital cooking apps (instructive videos, social media sharing), but also one of the best qualities of the web: direct user interaction. Within this e-book readers are encouraged to communicate their experiences with other readers and directly with the author. Every reader has the opportunity to share notes with and be recognized by one of the world’s greatest chefs.

We designed this e-book as an HTML5 web app, which means that it's viewable through most modern web browsers. There are, of course, advantages to developing for the major e-book platforms such as the Kindle, NOOK, and iBooks; however, only working in HTML5 gave us the complete control over the layout, functionality, and reader interactivity that was critical to being able to present an innovative and unique reading experience.

Another important advantage is portability. Although the layout and user experience of this e-book was created with the iPad in mind, it’s also accessible on Macs and PCs. Versions for other platforms like smartphones, will follow. As functionality on the aforementioned e-book platforms improves, we plan to release versions for readers who prefer reading on those devices and apps.

We hope you'll join us and sign up today to experience Laurent Gras: My Provence. If you love to cook you'll find over 40 fantastic recipes that feature beautiful step-by-step photos, helpful videos and chef tips, and inspiring stories from Laurent Gras, one of the greatest chefs cooking today.

For a quick overview of how the e-book works watch our Introducing Alta Editions video.

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