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16 Recipes for a More Wholesome Thanksgiving


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16 Recipes for a More Wholesome Thanksgiving

Chris McBride

Thanksgiving is indisputably the best food holiday of the year. Independence Day may inspire you to spark up the grill; New Year's Day may bring you to pick up black-eyed peas at the grocery store; Mardi Gras may even have you baking a King Cake if you're of the Louisiana-persuasion. Yet, it is Thanksgiving that has its set menu. It has its must-haves. It has those things that children question when they're not on the table, that hearken to food and family memories of days gone by. 

Another indisputable truth about Thanksgiving is that the holiday does not inspire healthful or responsible eating. And though here at Alta Editions we won't stop you from getting fourths of your grandmother's twice-baked potatoes, we'd like to offer some healthier alternatives. We are pleased to bring you some (more) wholesome ways to consume and feast on Thanksgiving Day - or at least ways to cut some corners and calories before the lethargy of afternoon football sets-in.

Enjoy these recipes and feel free to offer your own alternatives in the comments below.


Happy Thanksgiving from Alta Editions!

By Anna Butler

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