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New York, NY 10022

Alta Editions is an award-winning publisher of web-based cookbooks. We publish stories and exclusive recipes from some of the world's most inspiring chefs.



Alta Editions is an award-winning publisher of digital cookbooks. We publish easy to use cookbooks for computers, tablets and smartphones that feature stories and recipes from some of the world's most inspiring chefs.


Get Inspired to Cook in a Whole New Way

The Alta Editions Cooking Series features inspiring personal stories and expertly crafted recipes from top chefs like Maneet Chauhan (Food Network's "Chopped"), Alex Raij (La Vara, Txikito, El Quinto Pino), Sara Jenkins (Porchetta, Porsena) and Katy Sparks (Tavern on the Green) presented in a convenient digital format.


Delicious Recipes Made Easy

Our Cooking Series cookbooks can be accessed from any device, but they really shine when viewed on an iPad or other tablet in the kitchen. Beautiful step-by-step photographs, visual equipment and ingredient lists, helpful chef tips and short instructional videos will help you cook with confidence and learn new skills.


Purchase the Award-Winning Cookbook, The Journey

You can now purchase individual copies of Alta Editions Cooking Series cookbooks. Get the 2014 IACP E-Cookbook award winner, The Journey, or its follow up, The Journey Part Two, today for just $3.99. Click below to purchase your copy of The Journey today.

Also from Alta Editions, Laurent Gras: My Provence

Bring the taste of Provence home to your kitchen. This award-winning online cookbook by renowned chef Laurent Gras contains over 50 delicious recipes inspired by the Côte d'Azur. Learn how to cook these exquisite home recipes like a pro with detailed step-by-step photographs, helpful videos and dozens of pro chef tips. Learn more or click below to purchase My Provence for just $9.99.